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    Strengthen product serialization, modularization, standardization and internationalization

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    Adhere to the concept of innovation and regularly organize transformer experts

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    In good faith, steady development, relying on quality and reputation to win the market

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Satons Power
Satons Power

Satons (Shanghai) Power Co., Ltd. is located in the business section of Shanghai Dahongqiao, with convenient transportation. The company specializes in the research and development and manufacture of filters, reactors and transformers, and provides integrated power quality solutions such as harmonic control, reactive power compensation and electromagnetic interference.



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      EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) refers to the ability of a device or system to operate in its electromagnetic environment and to produce unacceptable electromagnetic interference to any device in its environment.
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      When a sinusoidal voltage is applied to a non-linear load, the current becomes a non-sinusoidal wave, and a non-sinusoidal current produces a voltage drop across the impedance of the grid, which also causes the voltage waveform to become a non-sinusoidal wave. Fourier series decomposition is performed on non-sinusoidal waves.
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